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We are revolutionizing the closing experience with our integration with transaction coordinator services.

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Christian Cities is proud to announce that we are now able to offer a full range of transaction coordination services to our clients and realtors.

Clients love the personalized communication and Realtors will love the huge time-savings.


You will save an average of 15 hours per transaction by utilizing our TC integration. What could you do with 15 hours of time? Show more houses, spend time with loved ones, take up a new hobby, the choice is yours!

Best of all . . . It's Completely Free!

Just submit your email to sign up. No obligations. No cost. Just free.



What are transaction coordinators?

They do all the paperwork and busywork that bogs realtors down. You’ll be amazed at how much we can take off your plate. You’ll be free to focus on selling more homes and can rest assured that all of the paperwork and compliance is being taken care of.

How to sign up?

Simply submit your email above.

What do I get?

Free Transaction Coordinator Services. With every real estate transaction that we do, you'll get free transaction coordinator services through our integration. 

Why should I sign up?

Transaction coordinators save Realtors an average of 15 hours per transaction. You save time so you can spend more time selling real estate and less time being bogged down with busywork.

Here are just a few of those things we do:

  • Schedule Home Inspections/final walkthrough/appraisal

  • Order Home Warranties

  • Write, execute any TAR forms (PCD, LBPD, Repair Amendments, etc.

  • Request referral and reviews on behalf of Realtor at closing

  • Track all Contingencies and ensure compliance TAR and your brokerage

  • Communicate with Lender

What makes us different?

Through our partnerships with Transaction Coordinators, we have completely revolutionized the closing experience. We’ll handle the paperwork and admin work so you can focus on selling more homes and getting more clients. Our clients get back an average of 15 hours of their time per transaction. Imagine what you could do with an extra 15 hours per transaction!


We have also partnered with local businesses to offer discounts to your clients for home cleanings, lawn care, home inspections, moving costs, real estate photography, home staging, home repairs, and interior design. Your client will be thrilled at the value we provide.

Wow your clients away with a closing experience unlike any other. We customize the closing to match your client’s unique wants and needs. They can choose the frequency and method of preferred communication. They can also choose to do an in-person real estate closing, a mobile notary closing, or a fully virtual closing. We’re here to make your client have a great closing and to make you look like a rockstar agent.

Our Rockstar Referral Guarantee - We are 100% confident that you and your client will love us. If your client doesn’t absolutely love us, then we will pay for your next open house. That includes food, advertising, handing out brochures at the open house, photo booth at the open house, and more. Your clients will thank you.

We know that you have choices when it comes time to choose a real estate attorney. It would be an honor to work with you. And we will work hard every day to prove that you made the right choice.

I hope to work with you soon,

Jack Inman

Jack Inman, Esq.



Full List of Integration Services
What you'll get when you close your next transaction with us. 

• Consisent, proactive communication throughout

entire sale with your experienced TC

• Introduction email to all parties (co-op, title, lender,

clients) involved in the transaction with respective

documents & pertinent info

• Summary of key dates and transaction info

• Summary and Milestone updates to Agent

• Summary and Milestone updates to clients

• Text reminders to Agent prior to all deadlines

• TC continually monitors, follows up, and provides

updates on all deadlines and contingencies

• Agent copied on all email communication

• Key information provided to clients at every

milestone: loan application, appraisal, inspection, closing prep

• Assist and support any transaction requests from any

party in the sale

• Communication branded to agent (i.e. email signatures)

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Watch us in the news. WJHL News covers Attorney Jack Inman's work with housing law in Tennessee.

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